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Licensed, Professional Termite Inspection

Protect Your Home, Health, and Savings

The Phoenix, AZ area is a perfect home for termites.

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With an estimated 3 to 5 colonies every acre, these prolific pests move into your home to find more space. Once they do, they quietly devour your house from the inside out.

A single colony can house more than 100,000 termites.

Termites are not clean insects – industriously farming mold in their nests, to feed their young.

Meaning, they love to fill your walls with allergens known to cause and spread disease.

Termites have voracious appetites and breed rapidly.

Continuing unchecked, they devastate the interior of walls, roofs, and even support/structural lumber. Weakening the integrity of your home until the wood will no longer support itself.

Termite Inspection and Control in Phoenix, AZ - Croach

Once it is too late, the damage becomes evident, on its own or by increasing damage from severe weather and accidents.

It is not just your house. Termites find all plant matter delicious. They will happily destroy your books, storage boxes, and important documents to feed themselves.

Most people don’t know they have a problem until it is too late. It is no wonder Phoenix area residents are advised to have their home inspected twice a year. If you see termites or suspect an infestation, do not hesitate in scheduling a termite inspection.

Croach Termite Inspection, Prevention, and Elimination

The Croach way starts with an inspection from one of our experts. Our friendly professionals will thoroughly inspect your home. They will go over their findings with you and recommend a treatment plan tailored to your situation.

The extent of your infestations will determine initial actions. With ongoing treatment, including a termite package, your technician will check for signs of termites during every other month treatments, and perform a thorough inspection on a yearly basis.

What are the benefits of Croach’s approach?

  • High Quality, professional grade products
  • Professional, friendly, licensed technicians
  • Quick response
  • Products have residual effects to keep your home clear
  • Products are the safest on the market for your family and pets
  • Expert advice on preventative steps
  • Ongoing service
  • Family owned business
  • Treat customer homes like our own

We live in the Phoenix area too, so we understand Arizona pests are unique and require specialized treatments.

Croach Keeps Working with You

Termites are a unique pest, which is why we encourage our customers to continue regular pest treatments with their termite package. Your initial service comes with a thirty-day warranty.

If we missed something we will make it right. Follow up with bimonthly service with your termite package for complimentary re-treats on your pest problems and yearly inspections included.

Your termite inspection is your introduction to care and professionalism we show all members of the Croach family.

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