Scorpion Control and Removal Services in Phoenix

Why are Scorpions in My House?

Scorpion control is an important part of safe living in the Phoenix area.

Your home provides shelter and a food source.

Scorpions can enter your home through a crack as small as 1/16 of an inch. They will also hitch a ride inside boxes, firewood, potted plants, and outdoor furniture.

Once inside your house, they will find shelter in basements, crawl spaces, garages, under kitchen cabinets, or in bathrooms. And, yes, in the darkened privacy of your shoes.

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How Can I keep Scorpions Out?

It is essential to eliminate and manage scorpions within your home.

One vital aspect of effective scorpion control is to keep your home free of all insects and rodents as one is a food source for another, up and down the food chain.

Scorpions, for instance, enjoy a meal of crickets and cockroaches. If a pest knows its food source is indoors, they are more likely to enter your home, keep returning, and attract even more unwanted guests.

In addition, scorpion control requires a professional industry process called exclusion.

Exclusion provides a barrier of protection around the exterior of a house or building to block access points through doors, windows, gaps, cracks, holes, etc.

Croach™ has developed an integrated method of pest management that includes inspection, elimination, and exclusion for homeowners and commercial businesses.

As a property owner, you can follow these tips to assist in ongoing scorpion control:

  • Remove debris from around the house. Scorpion habitats include rocks, fallen trees, stacks of firewood, potted plants, outdoor furniture, and storage sheds.
  • Keep your lawn maintained. Mow grass close to the ground and keep landscaping plants at least two feet away from the foundation.
  • Inspect items that you carry into the house or are delivered inside to make sure a scorpion is not riding along.
  • Empty your pet’s water dish and do not leave any wet towels or soiled clothing on the floor.

The Arizona Bark Scorpion

Arizona Bark Scorpion - Phoenix AZ - Croach Pest ControlThe Arizona Bark Scorpion is the most venomous scorpion in North America. It is very common in most regions of Arizona.

These scorpions are nocturnal hunters that typically feed on crickets, beetles, and other insects. They can be very aggressive and will sometimes attack humans or pets.

Thousands of people are stung by these menacing pests every year. Their sting can cause pain, numbness, and swelling. Scorpion venom is especially dangerous to young children.

If a child or pet is stung by a scorpion, or if the victim is having difficulty breathing, begins drooling, sweating, or experiences nausea, The Mayo Clinic recommends seeking immediate medical attention.

Arizona Scorpion Blacklight Pest Control

Scorpion Blacklight Pest ControlScorpions are solitary creatures. Therefore, unlike most pests, there are no clues leading you to their nest.

In addition, they are nocturnal. You are probably asleep when they are out and about, hunting for food, and entering your home.

The Croach™ Scorpion blacklight service is your solution to greatly diminishing the number of scorpions on your property. We hunt at night and kill them on contact.

Fewer scorpions on your property mean less competition for food, making it far less likely they will move indoors to search for food within your home.

Pest control leads to a safer environment for your family and pets. Contact Croach™ today for a free scorpion control inspection and consultation.

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