Pest Control Technician Rescues Rabbit

Croach Pest Control Technician Saves Rabbit

One of our Arizona pest control technicians wrote about an encounter he had with a rabbit on our Facebook page recently.

Our customers enjoyed his post so much, we decided to interview him about it. It turns out that Nathan does a lot more than just kill bugs.

Read on and get to know one of our friendly neighborhood service technicians, and find out what happened with that baby jackrabbit.

Nathan - Pest Control Technician - Croach" Being a pest control technician is more than just killing bugs, it’s also about helping in general.

Today on my route I was servicing a house for scorpions when all of a sudden, a baby jackrabbit ran from behind a rock waterfall and fell right into the pool … "

The Sting of a Scorpion

Although he’s a newcomer to the state of Arizona, Nathan Wood has nearly a decade of pest control experience under his belt.

After leaving his managerial position at a record store, this former guitarist took on a position with his uncle’s pest control company in the Bay Area.

While there, he learned the ins and outs of pest protection, had a weapon pulled on him on more than one occasion (don’t worry about him, he has a chainsaw in the truck – for trimming trees), and experienced his first scorpion sting:

Pest Control Tempe, AZ - Scorpion Control Services" It was hiding under the liftgate handle of my Ford Explorer. I was loading my groceries into the back, and as soon as I grabbed that handle, I had a shocking experience.

Instantly the nerves in my arm started tingling, and my hand went numb. It was one of the most painful things I’ve felt, and I’m covered in tattoos.

I’ve been stung by bees before, and that’s nothing compared to a scorpion sting. My hand was swollen for three days and was covered in splotches. "

The Love of a Gecko

But Nathan has a soft spot for little critters. He’s had lots of pets throughout his life – dogs and cats of course, but also rabbits, turtles, and lizards. One particular lizard he recently saved became particularly attached to him:

Gecko - Croach" I’ll rescue lizards whenever it’s possible. When they’re caught in a glue trap, you can use vegetable oil to free them.

Wear gloves just in case they try to bite you, then massage the oil into the areas where they’re stuck to the trap, going from the tail to the head.

Recently, I saved a Rough-Tailed Gecko – they’re not native to Arizona and are originally from the Mediterranean – you think they’d run away once you free them, but this guy climbed up on my arm and hung out for a while. I had to let him know when it was time to go! "

The Dedication of a Pest Control Technician

Geckos make great pets for those who enjoy the reptile family. But enough about lizards, you’re probably wondering what happened to that baby bunny. Well, Nathan told us about that too:

Baby Jack Rabbit Saved From Drowning - Croach Phoenix AZ" The little thing could hardly keep its head above water, so I laid my spray gun down and quickly grabbed the rabbit out of the pool.

I didn’t see its mother anywhere in the back yard and knew it only had one way of getting in unless rabbits can scale a six-foot concrete wall.

I dried off the rabbit’s fur using my shirt, took the rabbit out to the front of the house where I saw what could be its mother, set the rabbit in a well-protected bush, and finished up my service.

After getting into my truck I saw the adult rabbit run to the bush where the baby slowly came out to reunite with its parent. "

Yup, Nathan’s one of your best Pest Control Technicians, but maybe we should add " Bunny Lifeguard " to his job title too.