Do Scary Horror Movie Bugs Get Under your Skin?

Going to the movies is always a fun experience, whether it be you are taking the kids to see the latest animated film, seeing a romantic comedy with your significant other or enjoying the latest horror film that will make it hard for you to sleep for the next few nights. Throughout film history there have been a handful of horror movies that have relied on the main subject of a deadly insect or pest to cause all of the terror. These classic movies might seem a bit comical, but still have the ability to send you and your friends squealing from the theater.

Insect Horror Movies List

In 1954, Warner Brothers produced a film called “THEM!” which tells the story of giant overgrown ants that are discovered in New Mexico, and later make their way to Los Angeles where they begin to settle a huge giant ant colony underneath the city dwellings. “The Black Scorpion” was another terrifying film in which a giant scorpion is freed by recent volcanic activity and wreaks havoc on Mexico City. One of the more disturbing classic insect horror movies is simply named “Tarantula” and follows the destruction of a giant tarantula that escaped a growth experiment laboratory in the Arizona desert, eating humans, cattle and anything else in its pathway, up and down the country side.

Real Life Horror Stories

While these classic horror flicks are fun, entertaining and a bit disturbing all at the same time, there is in fact some truth that lies behind their fictional film productions. If your skin isn’t crawling, it will be soon because there are real life giant spiders and insects that exist. These would most likely send you running away as fast as possible if you came to encounter one of these real life scary insects. Although most of them will not eat cattle or humans, or take over cities with their alien formations, the sight of one can still be quite intimidating.

Bullet Ant Shriek

Ants are generally tiny insects that commonly crawl around searching for food; however there is one ant that you’ll be giving a second look. The Bullet Ant is the largest real life ant that exists and can grow up to an entire inch long, and although it is not deadly, the Bullet Ant can inflict one of the most painful stings known among all other insects. The second largest spider on the entire planet is the Goliath Birdeater, weighing up to five and a half ounces and having a leg span of up to twelve inches. This giant tarantula can eat frogs, rodents, lizards and even snakes.

Professional Pest Control

Hopefully you will not come into contact with any of these abnormally large and horror flick worthy insects in or around your home. If you are experiencing a pest problem contact Croach Services for the best pest control service available.