Property Maintenance Checklist for Scorpion Prevention in your Home & Yard; Fix Leaks, Close Entry Points & Clean Up Landscape

One of the most frightful insects to gaze upon is the terrifying scorpion. With its claws and intimidating stinger tail, it can send anyone running for the hills. Even more frightening is coming across a scorpion within the walls of your own home. Scorpions can grow to giant sizes, lay eggs, grow a nest and hand out a nasty and painful sting to you or a family member. Keeping scorpions as far away from you, your family and your home is a number one priority when it comes to pest control.

Croach Services have prepared some simple steps you can take as a home owner to decrease your chances of coming into contact with a scorpion inside of your home.

Scorpions Need Water to Survive

Scorpions are normally located around a water source when discovered inside of a home. Inspect the areas around your sinks, shower recess, bathtub, all bathrooms and other wet areas like the kitchen and laundry room. Ensure that there are no leaks or water allowed to puddle up in areas where there shouldn’t be. This will help keep scorpions away as they search for a reliable water source to survive. In most cases scorpions are alone, not a part of a hidden colony that exists within the walls of your home. So the best thing to do is to quickly crush the scorpion with a boot or shoe and throw it away. This is much easier said than done, especially if you have a serious phobia of creepy looking spiders or bugs.

Scorpion Prevention in House; Look for Entry Points

Another important inspection to make around your home is for any entry points that a scorpion may use to gain access. Any cracks, small holes or crawl spaces can be an avenue for a scorpion to get into your home. Keep in mind that scorpions can climb, so looking around the edges of light fixtures, air vents and other higher areas is also important. Be sure that all weather stripping around doors and windows is securely tight and impossible for scorpions to get through.

Property Maintenance Checklist to Deter Scorpions

Keeping your yard in good condition is another way to keep scorpions away. Scorpions love piles of firewood, rocks, lumber and leaves. If possible, move these piles as far away from your home as possible to keep the scorpions from being tempted to get into your home. Keep your bushes and tree limbs properly trimmed, so a scorpion cannot climb from plant to home. The best way to keep scorpions away from your home and your family is to hire a professional pest control company for regular maintenance and management. Contact Croach services today for a scorpion free home.