December Pest Control Tips for Winter Invaders

Leave pests outside! Winter is upon us, and just like most humans, insects and rodents do not like it in the cold. For the pests that have been kicked out of the neighbor’s house or the pitiful few that are still searching for a winter home, make sure it isn’t yours! Often times we are our own worst enemy with daily activities that we may unintentionally post welcome signs around our home! December is an especially busy month, preparing for family visits, decorating for holidays and filled with the excitement of little ones!


Here is a list of things that should be done with caution:

  • Christmas Trees – whether they are fresh cut or artificial, take care when bringing them into the house! Often times there are pests hiding out so that they can enjoy the holidays in the warmth of your home. When unpacking the tree that has been stored all year, open and inspect it outside!
  • Ticks – Did you go searching in the forest for the perfect tree? If so, unless the temps were BELOW freezing, ticks are still active.
  • Pantry Pests – When purchasing all those ingredients for baking holiday sweets, be sure to take precautions as often these pests are in the goods purchased. Finding creepy crawlies in the flour, sugar, chocolate or oats is enough to ruin your baking festivities with the kids! But placing these items in the freezer for 72 hours will kill them.
  • When opening the stored boxes with holiday decor, do so outside … carefully! Look for webs and signs of insect life!


Some of the more common winter intruders are:

– Spiders

– Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs

– Long-horned Beetles & Bark Beetles (hiding in firewood)

– Humpback Crickets

– Pantry Pests (weevils, Indian meal moths, sawtooth grain beetles and grain mites etc)

– Cluster Flies

– Mice, rats, and squirrels!


If you are finding visitors that are not your friends or relatives, call a professional pest management team like Croach Services for an inspection and plan of attack!

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