Ants in Arizona

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With so many ants in Arizona, it’s almost impossible to go even a single day without seeing numerous ants scurrying across the ground or maybe even across your kitchen countertop.

Although most of these pests are merely annoying and don’t pose a real threat, there are some ants that can do more than just eat the kitchen crumbs.

Agressive Ants in Arizona

Fire Ants

Typically ants are not aggressive and only invade homes looking for food, but fire ants, especially red imported fire ants, which are common in Arizona, are aggressive and can physically cause a threat.

As anyone who has ever fallen into a nest of fire ants can tell you – fire ants are very territorial and will attack potential threats with fervor.

In addition to the threat that they pose to humans, the building of fire ant mounds can be disastrous to the vegetation in a yard. They often disturb plants at the roots, which leads to crop loss. 

Fire ants prefer to create their nests in moist soil which can often lead to them creating a mound in a lawn or near the garden.

Red Imported Fire Ants

Unlike regular fire ants, red imported fire ants (FIFA) are outwardly aggressive and will attack other insects as well as humans without provocation. FIFA’s are also superior ecologically to typical fire ants which is why their range has been spreading in the United States, Australia, and Taiwan.

Most species of fire ants – aside from FIFA’s – can be beneficial insects, controlling other insect populations such as:

  • earwigs
  • boll weevils
  • stink bugs
  • aphids
  • and horn flies

However, if fire ants create their nests in close proximity to a home or business, they can be a physical threat, as well as potentially damaging any vegetation they nest in proximity to.

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