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Did you know that scorpions glow a fluorescent green under a blacklight?

As if the sight of scorpions didn’t creep some people out enough, now you can view them looking like something from another planet.

But why would a change of lighting turn the sight of this pest into something otherworldly?

The Journal of Arachnology lists several possibilities for the reasons scorpions glow under UV:

  1. It aids in capturing their prey.
  2. Helps with attracting a mate.
  3. Wards off predators and other territory invaders.
  4. Helps to identify shelter or when to stay in their current shelter.
  5. Has absolutely no purpose at all.

We may never know the exact reason scorpions glow under a blacklight, but we can take full advantage of it for scorpion blacklight pest control.

What is Blacklight?

A blacklight produces ultraviolet light that is not visible to the human eye. When we see “glowing” objects, they are really just emitting a light in response to the radiation found in UVA.

Most people associate blacklight with rides at amusement parks, moonlight/cosmic bowling, kids’ spy toys, a cool blacklight poster, or coloring book.

Blacklight can be used for:

  • Counterfeiting detection
  • Pet stain detection
  • Hand-stamping or writing with invisible ink
  • Crime scenes
  • Scorpion hunting

How Scorpion Blacklight Pest Control Works to Your Advantage

Scorpion Blacklight Pest Control

Scorpions are solitary creatures. Therefore, unlike most pests, there are no clues leading you to their nest.

In addition, they are nocturnal. You are probably asleep when they are out and about. But since we know when they are most active – we know exactly when to look for them.

And nature has given us another tool for finding scorpions.

Because of specific proteins in their exoskeleton (cuticle), scorpions glow a fluorescent green when exposed to UV lighting. This makes it easier to locate scorpions who are hunting food on your property and diminish their numbers by killing them on contact.

Fewer scorpions on your property mean less competition for food, making it far less likely they will move indoors to search for food within your home.

A general pest control plan that reduces the pest population in and around your home also helps to keep hungry scorpions away.

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